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Customized Design
Global Bridge welcomes custom design. Send the picture you are trying to match. And we will do our best to prepare a rendering as close as possible to the finished mural that you want. Once the order approved, we will send you pictures during production in order to make sure it’s same as you expected.

For the customized design, we could offer design for pool, wall or any decoration. And we have two selections for you, one is puzzled, another one is the hand-cut mural. For Puzzle, it’s for the bigger size and roughly. The hand-cut mural is for small size and detail. Most of the pools, outdoor would like to use puzzle, because the cost is lower. For the inner and luxurious place, they would like hand-cut.

Working Process

Picture From Customer
It’s for a private pool. In order to make sure the size is correct, we would like you to offer the CAD file.
Preparing the rendering
In our rendering, we will let you know what we’re going to use. If you want, we could send you the colour chart to confirm they are correct.

Preparing The Rendering

Before packing, we will send you pictures or your mural.

And sheets are with the label to recognize where they put.

At the same time, we will send you the fixing plan by email.

Packing: Wooden Case

We will put the rendering on the case to show you which part inside. It's easy for you to discharge the goods.

Puzzle Case

PC Effect

《Matthew Lang》—Glass Mosaic


Glass Mosaic

(Photo of the scene, Some of the details are reflective.)

《The Man》

—Glass Mosaic

Hand-cut Mural
Mosaic cutting is manual fine cut, manual labour cost time, the craft is exquisite, the material is fastidious, do not have the aperture, the cost is so high a lot, suit to use in small area place.

《City View》Glass Mosaic

Custom Design
Provide the photos you need, and we can design engineering drawings for you from materials used to renderings.

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《Sunflower》Glass Mosaic

《Rascasse》Glass Mosaic

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