Can you send me sample? Are they free?

Yes, we always offer the sample free of charge but we just offer small sample. The real gold mosaic cannot be free if you need more than 4 chips. However, the international shipping cost need to pay by your side. We could arrange the courier then you pay for us or you can arrange by your side.

What's you lead time?

We have a lot of different mosaic tiles. Some in stock but most of them are no stock. If we have stock the delivery time would be 15 - 20 days. If no stock the delivery time would be 25-35 days. It depends.

Do you have minimum quantity?

Yes, we have minimum quantity for 30sqm to 50sqm if no stock.

What is the difference between paper-mounted and mesh-mounted for Glass Mosaic?

For paper-mounted, the paper is on the surface which need to be torn off when installation. For mesh-mounted, the mesh is on the bottom which is no need to take out when installation. Comparing with paper-mounted, there is one installing step less for mesh-mounted , which is more convenient. What's more, if the mosaic is used in pool, we recommend to use paper-mounted that the mosaic and cement wall is fully combined.

What kind of mosaic can be in outdoor pool?

The glass mosaic and crystal mosaic which has been got through hot melting can be in outdoor pool. The ceramic mosaic can be in outdoor pool, except the electric ceramic mosaic. Please kindly note the cold spray series of crystal mosaic could not be in water, which the color would be faded.

The hand-cut mural can be on the floor or not?

We don't suggest the hand-cut mural to be used on the floor. The hand-cut mural is cutting by mosaic chips and no need to fill the joint, so, the edges of chips are sharp. When people is walking on it, no matter that the chips are easy to be kicked out, but also, the sharp chips will be easy to hurt people. So, we don't suggest people use the hand-cut mural on the floor.

Some glass mosaic is transparent, can I use mesh-mounted?

No. We don't recommend to use mesh-mounted because you can see the mesh from surface which is not beautiful. We suggest customers to use paper-mounted or film-mounted which mounted on the mosaic' s surface. When installing, the paper and film will be tear off and people just can see the white cement wall from mosaic surface.

Besides your own pattern design, can you make our own design?

Yes, you can send us your own design, picture or photo, with dimension, we can produce it by mosaic. If for project like swimming pool, you can send us your pattern with autoCAD drawing, we can make the design for you.

Can you send me your pricelist of all products?

Because we have different kinds of mosaic, each kind of them have different series, sizes and colors, the prices are different. Pricelist is confusing. We recommend you to check our website or catalogue to choose out some items or series which you are interested in. Then we can send clear quotation to you.

Can you send me your catalogue?

Yes, we would like to send you our catalogue. Besides, we have color charts for different kinds of our mosaic tile. It is a folder with samples on it. We can send you by email. If you want to have our catalogue and color chart at hand, we can arrange to send you by courier.

Can we create my own ideal mosaic mix?

Please find the mosaic mix create site which select the size, material then color, change the percentage in the left column. http://diy.gbridgeco.com/