Warranty 3 Years Warranty

All Global Bridge product carry 3 years limited warranty unless otherwise noted.

5 Years Warranty

For glass product which is designed suitable used under water and sunshine, Global Bridge offers 5 years limited warranty for color fastness.


For mosaic products, the most important thing is to apply into the right place, install well with the right glue and fill the joints well. Global Bridge is not responsible for installation, sealing or refinishing of the products. Problem about mosaic chips falling off is referred to adhesive and glue for installation and joints filling. It does not belong to quality problem. Global Bridge can offer suggestion when you choose and purchase our products.

Quantity & Color

Upon receipt the consignment, please check carefully of the ordered goods, including packing, quantity, quality, color. And please send written notice for any claims not later than 6 months after receiving.

Claim Procedure

Global Bridge accept claims only in writing by email, and all the claims shall accompany with clear and enough pictures to show the problem, the invoice numbers of the consignment, and the quantity of the problem goods. Upon receiving the required information, Global Bridge will investigate into the delivery and production record in order to finalize the responsibility.


Global Bridge offer two ways of compensation. One is send replacement in next shipment, another is refund to client by T/T or other existing order. Please note that the compensation amount will not exceed the value of defect goods.