New Series---Enamel Mosaic Pattern


In order to enrich the choice of popular home décor and increase the diversity of mosaics,also reflecting neutral, stylish, geometric, modern and minimalist design style, enamel mosaic patterns from our outstanding designer released. Inspired by carpets, clothing, and knitwear in life, what if different elements of life are applied to the wall. Therefore, the enamel glass mosaic is used to express the objects of different shapes and different states in nature, and achieve the artistic effect of decoration.

Meeting Point Series

Constant intersection and overlap make the lines and patterns a perfect match. Simple thoughts of small mosaic chips bring out a soft and delicate intersection process, which is especially attractive for the decoration of the background wall.

lteration Series

The interlocking geometry, the fresh and elegant minimalist style, the meticulous texture highlights the ingenuity of Global Bridge designer. The process of repeating and feed backing is to achieve the most beautiful artistic effect.

Never Cross Series

The integration of art with philosophy, which seems to be two intersecting lines, is indeed the existence of never intersecting. Simple black and white colors show the elegance and generosity. 10x10mm small chips interweave to receive brilliant effects.

Hyacinth Series

The design is inspired by hyacinth flowers with booming shape and color. Burning the fire of life, enjoying life is the flower language of hyacinth. We use pure beige, simple white to express warm and soft texture, very suitable for the bedroom, especially the baby room decoration.

Ripple Series

Inspired from the ripples of water, the undulating lines that stretch out continuously show movement and vitality. The fresh lake green, classic wood brown, and simple public grey color, keeping up with today's fashion trends. A very good choice for a background wall decoration.

Contexture Series

Referring to the weave texture and pattern arrangement of some fabrics, the weaving design arranged by the mosaic matrix, the color interlacing, and the texture and light effect of the matte and glossy surfaces of this material, the soft form of the loop is triggered. Light and gravity feel. Light is emanate through the woven lines, adding a sense of softness and familiarity.

Rising Star Series

Like the stars shining and booming, the delicate diamond shape into the exquisite patterns, the combination of glossy and matte surface, light and shadow flow through the mosaic, beautiful light of stars pattern from the sun shining. Light brown  color and light grey color are versatile and chic.

Pulse Series

Through the variety of shapes and colors, we combine the thin strips and the rectangles, add the popular Small chips to show the continuous lines,smooth and orderly. The surface of the glass looks and feels like soft velvet offering a 1-of-a-kind experience.

Sternhalma Series

Small chips with jumping colors, gentle color tones are more attractive for mosaics. Shapes like Stern Halma are generally arranged in order, and different color blocks show unique charm in their respective planned spaces. Also using the texture and light effects of this material matte and glossy, the soft form of the loop triggers the feeling of lightness and gravity.

Lane Series

Inspired by our common sidewalks, the straight lines with sense of clarity. The combination of dark and light colors is clearly defined, giving a visual impact. The soft texture of the matte color adds a sense of comfort.

HandShake Series

Two staggered V-shapes, like two people shaking hands, the interlocking graphics fills each gap just right, the color gradient is flexible and textured. We have full matte, and matte and glossy surface to create subtle 3D effects.

Rhombus Shade Series

Gradient graphics are classic patterns, various color changes, creating a sense of luxury and charm. We have bright red, yellow, green, blue color, exquisite and vibrant. Diamond pattern with a more vivid sense of reality has.

Tips and Knowledge about Recycle glass mosaic

About Range Of Application

—— Enamel Mosaic is the recycle glass powder  which is fired in high temperature. It is stable and color will not to fade. It can be widely used in Outdoor, Wet area,Splash area,Permanent wet area, Floor and Wall.

About the style of Enamel Mosaic

—— Flexible shapes and color, can be made into different shapes.Also it can make glossy,matte,iridescent,engraving,inkjet surface effect.

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