New Series---Stream Wheat Series


It is a new specification and new shaped arrangement of hot melt glass mosaic. In addition, we design new products with special glazed ceramic strips with metallic colors.

We use the parallelogram for herringbone shape to match the texture of the wheat feeling, and the ordinary rectangles can behave differently by color change and shape.

The color selecting is inspired by the market fashion trend from our intelligent designer. The basic colors are black,white and gray, light blue and dark blue, coffee color, and turquosice color.

Compared with ceramics, glass can be made lighter, and the color is various and more transparent. The painting color effect has an unexpected touch texture.

In entryways, laundry rooms, pool, kitchens, and bathrooms, Our stream series is an excellent choice because it cleans up quickly and is moisture resistant.

About Range Of Application

——Stream Glass Mosaic which fired in high temperature. It is stable and color will not to fade. It can be widely used in Outdoor, Wet area,Splash area,Permanent wet area